Mrs. Hana Kiani Tehrani

Mrs. Hana Kiani Tehrani Head Of The Board 

MR. Ehsan Kiani Tehrani

MR. Ehsan Kiani Tehrani Chief Enecutive Officer CEO 

Otana Novin Shargh International Capital CO. is a consultant and capital management company targeted to make a stable financial value for investors.

Its goal is presenting professional plans for consulting services to increase the capital value of project investors and new financial opportunities.


Our team are the designers of consulting plans for complicated financial issues , the presenters of new plans to control the financial risks and the providers of financial credits to accelerate the process of on going projects.

We have the honor of managing the projects through our solid and perfect relations with global and local companies and organizations and experienced experts.


In this regard and presenting more services ,this company succeeded to be the agent of some great foreign companies and group holding as following:

1)  As the financial and commercial agent of a German investment group holding ,P.G.A.S (Financing & Investment) 

2) As the advisor of Iran office of a South Korean group holding , KRRI ( Road & Railway construction)

3) As the agent in negotiations and conferences of  a Turkish company"MOHERREM GROUP HOLDING"

4) As the agent in conferences of Iran & Turkey Consortium "TEAMCO"